Additional Theater Spaces

Generous and spacious cast and crew areas can be found backstage. In the theater’s green room, nine (9) dressing rooms are provided, as well as two (2) large rehearsal rooms, tech rooms and special storage areas.

The Arie Crown Theater features:

  • Nine (9) two-person dressing rooms with lighted dressing tables and separate shower and bathroom facilities.
  • Two (2) 40-person chorus rooms with lighted dressing tables and attached shower and bathroom facilities.
  • One full-size wardrobe room with washer and dryer

Rehearsal Rooms

In addition to the backstage dressing and chorus rooms the theater has two (2) rehearsal rooms 50′ x 50′ that are equipped with mirrored walls, wood flooring, and dance barres. The rooms are strategically located off the backstage area.

The Green Room

The Theater’s spacious “green room” is strategically located in the backstage area and offers luxurious accommodations to hold receptions, meetings and pre- or post-show “meet and greets” for the performing artists. The newly renovated space is 20′ 7″ x 58′ 4″ and includes a full conference room table, sofas and chairs.

The Lobby

In the lobby area, the box office and marquee have been completely renovated as part of the Arie Crown Theater’s $6.5 million renovation. They provide a dramatic entrance to the theater.

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